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Where is Bidify

Have no fear Bidify will be back, better than ever and will be the first marketing company to successfully incorporate mlm and penny auctions. Please be sure to follow my new posts on my new blog at trafficchimp

We are not far away from the New Bidify and Bidsson 2.0

See you at TrafficChimp

The long awaited, all new Bidify 2.0 compensation plan is live and cranking out commissions by the minute. 

Bidify, back with the most powerful comp plan ever created. They still have Multiple Legal Firms on retainer and are in full compliance globally.

I am completely blown away by the plan in place, just a few short hours after launch, and I have already seen pages and pages of commission transaction in my back office.

FYI, Bidify has NEVER missed a payday!

If you ever dreamed of building a residual income in Network Marketing, this is you chance, this is your year,  this is your Company, Bidify and Biddson.

Here it is in a nutshell.

Affiliates are being paid out on a 15 level deep compensation plan, we get that in real time as the “sale of bids” occurs.

Once the bids sold in our organization are used, we  also receive an equal amount of “customer acquisition points” to cash commissions earned in the uni level  and then we are paid an addition bonus on each “customer acquisition point” for an additional 60 Days!

Its like getting paid 61 times for every sale in your organization 15 levels deep , a commission on the original sale and when the bid is spent we get 60 more bonuses!

Holy Toledo.

Calling all reps with teams or downlines, Bring them now before someone else does.

After our first commission run and the numbers are in I will post them here, please stay tuned for my next post.

And if you want to join and build your own winning Bidify Team, call Rocco on Skype, “roccofish”

FInd out how Rocco

  • sponsored 88 Personal paid affiliates into Bidify, ALL  DOCUMENTED
  • became the #3 producer in the world for Bidify, ALL  DOCUMENTED
  • became number 1 Recruiter in the world for Bidify, ALL  DOCUMENTED.
  • built a downline team of alost 50,000 affiliates and customers from all around the globe, ALL  DOCUMENTED
  • full time committed to Bidify, listen nightly www.BidifyRadio.com

People build teams, teams build businesses, it’s simple, it’s called Masterful Duplication, call now.

NO tricks, No Gimmicks, No additional systems needed


Watch for my next post @ http://www.bidify.wordpress.com

To anyone with a vested interest in Bidify, meaning you hold “old points” and share in the Bidsson Bonus, please read:

There is a way to earn great money on those points.

Without Selling Without Recruiting!

Just help the cause by doing your part.

Buy PV and spend your bids on any auction.

Share the auctions, multiple times daily, its simple:

Just go to the Bidsson site and “PRESS THE SHARE BUTTON

We are not asking you to recruit or sell.

We are asking you to do your part.

This was NEVER a passive program.

It always required work.

By purchasing PV and spending it in the auctions

You are generating Daily Revenue.

We ALL share in that revenue!

It is how your Bidsson Bonus is generated

We have the ability to drive Bidsson to the #1 Global Penny Auciton

There are many leaders, marketers and business builders that are

building their Bidify Businesses which  contributes to YOUR BIDSSON BONUS

Please help, do your part.

An American Hero Dr.Martin Luther King said is best:

“We go farther faster, when we go together.

The process is simple:

1. Purchase PV

2. Spend Bids at the auction of your choice.

3. Press the “share” button on as many auctions as you can daily

4. After bids are spent, repeat step 3 EVERYDAY

This will help drive auction activity, generate more revenue


Thank you for reading this post:

I am going to ask you all to use your imagination as I paint a picture.

I Want to set a new landscape rather than to change an existing one.

Here goes:

Announcing an ALL NEW Exciting Global Company with a socially engaging product that everyone is looking for.

A product that can generate revenue and income that can rival some of the internets hottest e commerce sites.

A company that offers it’s affiliates more income than any other company in the history of network marketing.

A company that offers a real product that when sold pays instant commissions and when consumed generates even more revenue and pays you bonuses again.

It doesn’t stop there, it pays you bonuses from the same sale (when the product is consumed) over and over again for 60 days!

Thats how much income its product generates.

Here’s MORE, it pays commissions on EVERY SALE that occur in your sales organization 15 LEVELS DEEP!

In case your wondering, YES, every time that product is consumed from EVERY sale, 60 MORE BONUSES!

Why settle for one commission per sale when you can receive a commission PLUS 60 bonuses every time the product that sale generated is consumed?

And YES, this occurs EVERY TIME a sale takes place in your entire sales organization 15 levels deep

Pre Launch is on.

A Solid Debt free company

Corporate Infrastructure similar to the likes of Microsoft and Apple

2 Prominent Legal firms Retained full time

Legal Compliance plan created by Launch Smart delivered by Attorney Terrel Transtrum in 10 Languages

Owners/Management: A highly talented multi lingual team with expertise in corporate business solutions, technology, accounting and networking. A tenacious team with proven morals sewn with Integrity.

Their intentions, creating the the #1 company in network marketing and its product #1 in the World.

Marketplace: GLOBAL


PLAN: Easy to understand, Easy To Explain

Proven Product: Every is looking for, Highly exciting, socially engaging and slightly addictive

Exclusive Marketing System and training included in business cost. A Marketing system that offers a serious competitive advantage and simplifies duplication

An Epic Global pre launch is underway, tell your teams, friends, associates before they tell you!

OK Now:

Back to reality, an opportunity to build what you started with Bidify, secure and ensure your future

A new year, a new plan.

A legal, fully compliant compensation plan that has the ability to turn the network marketing arena on it’s head.

Check out the plan here: http://bidify.com/bidify20.pdf

So in case you want it in a nutshell, a plan that has not 1, not 2 but 3 powerful income streams.

1. A 15 level deep uni level that pays out 37% of it’s revenue out in cash in real time, payable weekly. Affiliates are paid on Every Single Bid Purchase in their 15 level deep organization.

2. A CAP (customer acquisition point) and CAB (customer acquisition bonus) system that pays bonuses every day for 60 days when the bids are consumed. These bonuses are paid accordingly based on how many points you have in the system, how much revenue is generated and how many total points are in the system. This bonus is powered by up to 60% of the daily surplus of the Bidsson Penny Auction.

3. Frequent Sales Credits, a bonus that is paid out on every commission earned. On top of the incredibly powerful uni level commissions, an additional 25% is paid to you in the form of a FSC. Similar to a frequent flyer program, FSC’s can’t be withdrawn as cash but instead can be used to purchase product in Bidify and Bidsson (Bids and or Admin Fees).

These 3 streams of income put this new Bidify Pay Plan far above and beyond anything in our Industry.

Let’s look at it this way.

When you sell bids to a customer or when one of your downline affiliates 15 levels deep purchases bids you receive a generous commission. When those customers or affiliates spend those bids at the Bidsson Auction, they generate additional revenue. This is the revenue that is used to pay CABS for 60 days.

Just image you were a “juice” or “coffee” distributor with any of the truly great companies in our industry and when you sold some juice or coffe you earned a commission but in addition to that commission a paradigm shift took place and every time the customer or affiliate consumed the juice or coffee you were paid a bonus again, not once but 60 more times (once a day for 60 days). How in the world would sharing in the juice or coffee revenue effect your income?

You see, when bids are spent on the Bidsson Penny Auctions, income is generated, Massive income.

Thats where the Caps and Cabs come in to play.

Now, juice and coffe do not generate any income when consumed but I think you get it.

I’ll sell bids any day of the week.

Exciting niche, entertainment shopping, no competition.

Proven Successful Global Penny Auction

If you look back over 2012 and really analyze what this company has done, from the beginning, the hurdles that they faced and decisions that were made  that have led us to this plan, it is clear to see that Bidify is being set up for the long haul.

It Is being set up so that affiliates can count on it for years to come.

My Hats Off To The Bidify Management and Ownership

Around the world we are entering into a special time of year.

Here in the U.S. this magical season typically begins with Thanksgiving. Familys gather from differnet cities, states, even countries. Young men and women are returning “Home” from College to enjoy their loved ones, celebrate traditions, and to prepare for the next months leading through this magical season to the New Year.

The day after Thanksgiving the holiday season is then set into motion by another important day called “Black Friday.” This is where businesses begin their drive for their profits and setting the pace for the new year thus contributing to a magical time of year. Some retailers will open at 12AM, others in the wee to early hours of the morning to ready for the holiday shopping madness.

With a footprint in over 180 countries it would be impossible to list all Holidays and Events that are celebrated by our Affiliates. What ever season you are approaching, whatever holidays you celebrate, we celebrate them with you.


I would like to extend a warm “Holiday Hug” to our Affiliates that span globe far and wide. We celebrate Thanksgiving in the coming days and we are Thankful for each and every one of you. Our new found friendships will last a lifetime and have made the world a smaller, closer, more peaceful place.


Many of us have gone through these past months with great stress and many mixed emotions of what has happened to our Niche in this on line Industry. I will try not to sweat the small things, I will try not to be so critical. I will try eliminate all stress and negatives in my life and look towards this coming magical season and the new year with great expectations.


I am very thankful for tenacity and dedication that is demonstrated by the company that Binds all off us that may be reading this letter. I am confident that 2012 will end on more than a positive note. I am confident we will celebrate this magical season with a relief that 2013 will be one of the best financial years for us on line.


The Best is yet to come!


To those Service Men and Women that give their lives in defense of their nations, we thank you, we love you, we appreciate you more than you know. You are always with us, be safe and know you have our support.


I would like to end this message with tons of Love to those who may not be with us this year and those who may have lost loved ones.


Memories are the greatest pictures that have ever been captured, embrace them, cherish them and may they leave you with warm smiles and a great appreciation of life.


This season begins a time to rejoice, time to celebrate Life and most importantly a “Quality Life”


Thank You All for being a part of our family.


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